July 1, 2018

bree mccann josie clough max maybree mccann josie clough max may bree mccann josie clough max may bree mccann josie clough max mayBree Warren for shot by Josie Clough

bree mccann josie clough max may

bree mccann josie clough max may

bree mccann josie clough max may

Every now and again it really feels like the stars align and I get to make magic! I had been wanting to do this shoot for a really long time so when Josie, Max and I could finally get together in Sydney, I knew it was going to be something very special. Not only are the shot insane, but the feature story is also one of my favourite and most honest interviews to date. Have included an short extract below but you can read the full interview here. 


HAIR & MU Max May

Body confidence begins in the mind – what are the three things that you tell yourself every day?

That I am enough, that I am doing the best I can and that positive attracts positive. Body confidence is a choice and a process. It’s so different for everyone but ultimately it has to start with you. It’s a cliché but I really believe in the Law of Attraction and positive thinking!

Where do you feel brands, the media and modelling agencies can still improve in championing sizes?

I want to see diversity across the board and more regularly. The old rules don’t apply anymore. You can’t just have one way to be beautiful anymore. I think people want authenticity now. They want to see something that is relatable, not a heavily curated image of something that is unattainable.

Realistic body types can be shot for Vogue, they can sell swimwear and can book beauty campaigns. For so long those areas have been off-limits for diversity but those days are gone.

Have you ever come across resistance from brands in dressing you or participating in your #breekiniweekly initiative?  What do you have to say to those brands, or any others who are still unwilling to represent diversity in their campaigns?

There is definitely still a percentage of the fashion industry who think that I don’t belong. But that doesn’t really affect me to be honest. There will always be people who are resistant to change and I hope that one day those tides will turn.

There were a lot of brands who refused to dress Ashley Graham for her British Vogue Cover a couple of years ago and there is an amazing quote that I love from Alexandra Shulman the editor at the time,

“It seems strange to me that while the rest of the world is desperate for fashion to embrace broader definitions of physical beauty, some of our most famous fashion brands appear to be travelling in the opposite – and in my opinion, unwise – direction.”

What message do you have for women who are having a hard time accepting their bodies?

You will get there! It’s a process and it takes time. Everyone has moments of doubt but I think the best thing you can do is focus on what you have rather than wishing for what you don’t have.

What helped you the most to feel good in your skin?

I think surrounding yourself with positive influences helps. Negativity just doesn’t really sit well with me. My parents have always been strong on being comfortable in your own skin. I grew up in a very encouraging environment in that way. Modelling also gave me some perspective. I see so many beautiful girls every day and I know that nobody wakes up every morning feeling perfect. We are all different, we are all human and we can all chose to be kind to ourselves.