December 18, 2017
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Launching #BREEKINIWEEKLY this year has been a dream! My goal has been to feature swim that actually fits my body, that I can be active in and most of all that looks H-O-T.

Swimwear is a topic that I know and love, but it has also been the source of endless frustration over the years…..and I know I am not alone.

I spend my life looking for swim that will actually fit and flatter my body. I can’t help but feel like the swimwear market is flooded with so many incredible brands but the suits are almost always shown on the one type of model. Which is great if you happen to have a very svelte figure, but not so good for the rest of the population trying to buy their summer essentials online.


My mission was to be part of the solution. To do the research for you and make it easier to shop online and find the best suits. I have been overwhelmed with love and support from all the breekini babes out there this year so I wanted to finish off by featuring my top ten favourite Breekini moments of the year!

I have just completed the countdown on my instagram so I thought it only appropriate that I post it on here as well…..


10//The shot that announced it all….the unofficial first #breekiniweekly I posted and the first of many that I’ve loved from @tigerlilyswimwear This will always have a place in my ❤️ because it was shot during the one luxurious night we had at @amangiri in Utah and it’s also the only one where I still have long hair!



9 // I love this bikini and I love this shot and because it’s the holiday season it is also a friendly reminder that yes sometimes there’s rolls!



8 // This was my first morning on set in Mykonos in Sep shooting the @figleavesofficial campaign! Took a major scheduling effort to get me there but definitely one of my fav #breekini moments this year.



7 // From Mykonos to Miami ☀️ I’ve spent a bit of time in Miami this year and it’s growing on me….and so is this bikini. My fav colour tone of the year @segaraswim.



6 // They say do something everyday that scares you and while I don’t do it everyday…..this pic is the definitely the most scared I’ve been in a bikini this year!!!! Teahupoo in Tahiti is one of the most dangerously shallow waves out there and I had been watching my bf Mitch for 3 days so I wanted a go. For me as a model who can’t afford to have any run in’s with the reef….this moment was #!*$&*$&@%^#*¥



5 // BAYWATCH MOMENT This was during my first Miami Swim Week this year and first @mondayswimwear suit I ever wore! ♥️



4 // SUMMER MOOD FOR LIFE ☀️It’s ironic that this is one of my fav bikini shots ever but was taken in my apartment in NY on a day that was not summery at all! ❄️ Some of the best things happen by chance @fellaswim



3 // May be snowing in NY today but I’ll be forever dreaming of THIS Road tripping through Baja Mexico in August for @thewaveprovocateur and ending up here Who wants to go back and do it all over again?



2 // I had to have at least one from Australia in the countdown This was the perfect day in my fav place wearing @peonyswimwear NO PLACE LIKE HOME ☀️



And at number 1 // PARADISE FOUND This picture, this place was a dream come true Spending my birthday in Bora Bora is my number 1 bikini moment this year!!! Thank you to all the #bopo #breekinibabes out there ILY and keep the swim tips and DM’s coming. Lots of exciting things coming for #breekiniweekly in 2018 ✨


And if you’re STILL feeling stumped for swim inspo, head to my swim shop here where you can shop all the swimwear I wear all in one place 24-7!!! *BREEKINI HEAVEN*