May 11, 2018

This is something I have dreamed of for a really long time! I honestly can’t thank the Women’s Health Team enough for believing in me and allowing me to be the first curve model on their cover!

There is a huge misconception that thin equals fit and that is just not true. Fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that is something I have been trying really hard to prove throughout my career. You can be active, fit and healthy AND curvy. The two are not mutually exclusive. Healthy to me is about embracing the body you have got rather than wishing for something you don’t have.

Bree McCann Womens Health Cover Bree McCann Womens Health

Bree Warren Womens Health CoverBree Warren Womens Health Cover

PHOTOGRAPHY Michael Naumoff

INTERVIEW Lizza Gebilagin 

STYLING Emma Kalfus

HAIR Dolly Ward

MAKE UP Ania Milczarcyk

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